【IMPORTANT】Please Read Before Visiting Our Clinic

All patients meeting any of the following criteria must attend the fever outpatient care (発熱外来)

1. Aged 18 years or older, who experienced body temperature of 37.5℃≦ or + 1℃ compared to usual in the past week.
2. Regardless of age, have experienced close contact with a COVID-19 patient recently.

Please phone the clinic directly AND make a reservation from the system
(Those who have never visited our clinic does not need to make a reservation, but requires a call to the clinic.)

All patients attending the fever outpatient care (発熱外来) must receive a nasal swab SARS-Cov2 antigen test.

Test results can be obtained in 15 minutes.
A positive result is a definite diagnosis of COVID-19. (Low false-positive rate)
A negative result does not assure your safety from COVID-19. (High false-negative rate)

There is a limitation in the number of patients we could see in the fever outpatient care. Starting time of fever outpatient care may be postponed if morning hours are overcrowded. We strongly recommend you to call the clinic directly.
Usual period of fever outpatient care:12:30~13:00

(19:00 September, 7, 2021)